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20 yrs in Digital, 30 yrs in Marketing

About Rob

Right from my early days as a Graphic Designer through to Web Designer I have always been in Marketing. For the past 20 years I’ve been involved in the digital revolution, my websites in 2000 had video! (Seems silly to say that now but that was 5 years before YouTube!)

Over that time we’ve seen the rise of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a Million tools and services delivered over the Web. Despite what you may think it is still and amazing time to be in business and there have never been so many cost effective ways to market.

Hootsuite logoIn 2014 I was chosen to become a Hootsuite Ambassador, a role I did for 3 years and it gave me a wonderful insight into the workings of this great company and the importance of Social Media management.

Around the same time I started to lay the foundations for Tech Exeter & Digital Exeter, two meet-up groups for those people in and around Exeter who work in tech and digital. This blossomed into a part-time career and an amazing Community Interest Company that is thriving today as I step back to focus on my freelance work.

Although my passion is for digital I have worked on many traditional marketing campaigns. Overseeing print projects, organising exhibition stands and doing Public Relations. (I have a Degree in PR!)

Some of my favourite work is building communities around brands and ’causes’ using a content marketing approach. Combining both ‘real-world’ and digital is a powerful tool bring people together to make a difference and to become loyal customers.

And as my photo shows I’m a total geek!

Interests & Other Projects

Tech Exeter Logo

Tech Exeter CIC

Founder 2015

Tech Exeter CIC (Community Interest Company) is building in Exeter a vibrant community of people in digital and tech that connects, supports and celebrates their nascent Tech Cluster. 

With little financial support we have built a thriving community of over two thousand people and have organised over 60 events from meet-ups  to a major annual multi-track conference.

Perspectivity Game


Game Leader

Perspectivity is a facilitated Board Game that has been played all over the World by students, politicians, corporate boards and even at The UN.

It is designed to help people understand complex systems and uncertainty and is based on the ‘tragedy of the commons’ theory. I lead games regularly at the London School of Economics.

laptop in dark

Circular Economy

4th Industrial Revolution

A circular economy is a regenerative system in which resource input & waste, emission, & energy leakage are minimised by closing & narrowing energy & material loops through long-lasting design, maintenance, repair, reuse, refurbishing & recycling.

I became interested whilst working with the University of Exeter Business School where I helped develop a module on 4th Industrial Revolution.


that’s right fireworks!

Fully trained Pyrotechnist working on designing and firing fireworks displays across the UK. I’ve worked on over 100 shows ranging from small Wedding displays to large public shows to many thousands of spectators.

Nothing quite like the thrill of a ‘one chance to get it right’ performance and the smell of gunpowder!