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Freelance Content Marketing Consultant

Content is King

Great content is at the heart of a great website and what makes a social media presence. Often an after-thought content is probably where you have the greatest opportunity to out-shine your competitors.

A Content Marketing approach is a well defined programme of content creation and distribution that if well produced, targeted and monitored will consistently over time build an audience. You can then convert that audience, better understand your audience, even monetise them directly!

Remember that Content is not just media you share online but also content that you experience offline too such as in-person events and printed media.

Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Consultancy

Creating a strategy is the single most important thing you can do. Who is the content for and for what purpose? How do you measure it and what does success look like? Your strategy brings all of this together.

Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing must be consistent and frequent, sounds easy? Wrong! Without a smart tactic plan you will not keep up. Content calendars, resources and time management are crucial. It’s time to turn strategy into tactics.

Audience Building

The long term benefits of building an audience around your brand are huge. A permissive audience to talk to, sell to and become brand advocates. Patience and persistence pays off when you nurture an audience into being.

Content Creation

Optimising your content creation is crucial to success. Using the right tools and services can save time and money. Knowing when to do things yourself or to get and expert to help can make all the difference.