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Search Engine Marketing

Probably the most effective form of marketing if you are seeking an identifiable ROI. By using the most effective keywords, monitoring bids and optimising landing pages you can build a great picture of where your money is going and what it means for your business.

Note, it is not a panacea, not all things can be tracked and you need to be very careful with the difference between correlative and causative statistics.

But let’s face it, Google wouldn’t be the company it is today if Search Engine Marketing didn’t work! Though, just be careful you don’t overpay because it will take your money whether your doing it right or not.

SEM Services

Pay Per Click Ads


Budget-friendly way to get your business noticed, Pay per click ads generates fast, measurable results by targeting the right people at the right time, you only pay when a user clicks.

By using the most effective keywords, monitoring bids and optimising landing pages you can build great ROI.


Google & Bing shopping services give excellent return on investment for e-commerce websites by putting you one click closer to the customer that your competitors. Depending on set-up automatic feeds can be set up direct from your site.


 Targeted ads to people who have previously visited your website. Highly effective for shopping cart abandonment. It is a highly successful way of reconnecting and reminding customers about your product or service.

However care needs to be taken that this is not too aggressive or in anyway breaches EU GDPR laws. 

Display Ads

Often overlooked the display banner has continued to evolve and can express so much more than a text-based ad. Well designed picture or video content can be used to build brand awareness or as part of remarketing campaigns.

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