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Freelance SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimisation

The search engines are your friend not your enemy, although sometimes it feels different! Simply put Search Engines want to put the best link to a query it can, otherwise people will stop using them.

Let the tricksters try to fool the algorithms to gain an unfair advantage, it never lasts for long. The best tactic is optimise your website for those algorithms by making it the best it can be, firstly for the human visitors and secondly for robot visitors.

There is no shortcut it’s time, effort and patience and it is never ever finished.

SEO Services

SEO Consultancy

Creating a strategy is the single most important thing you can do. Where does SEO fit into your marketing plan? How do you measure it and what does success look like? Your strategy brings all of this together. From this you can create a smart tactical plan.

On-Site SEO & Link Building

The two critical elements in building a website that helps search engines give you a good listing. Creating a logically structured website with the right use of keywords & phrases in the right HTML tags helps the algorithms index your pages.

The right type of authoritative links from outside your site and within your site builds confidence with the algorithms.

Technical SEO

In a sense this is similar to on-site SEO but just more technical. Behind the human facing website is a technical world of site structure, web standards, responsiveness, compression, loading times and code, scripts and mark-up.

This is not just for developers but it is also important this is optimised for search algorithms.

Local SEO

A specific sub-set of searches that are vitally important if you have a physical premises and want people searching to find you. Optimising your website for local listings and building a consistent business details is critical.