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Freelance Social Media Consultant

Social Media Optimisation

Being social is not a given for most businesses. Most have a under funded scatter gun approach to Social Media. Take a step back and understand who your audience are, what resources you have and what you hope to achieve.

Social Media is powerful both for good or bad. In my many year’s in marketing since the beginnings of Social Media I have come to believe that it is part art and part science. Working out a ROI (Return on Investment) is useful but not the only story.

People are complicated and so is Social Media, that’s why I feel you should optimise your Social Media but don’t necessarily over analyse.

Hootsuite Ambassador

2014 – 2016

I was chosen to become a Hootsuite Ambassador, a role I did for 3 years and it gave me a wonderful insight into the workings of this great company and the importance of Social Media management.

Social Media Services

Social Media Consultancy

Creating a strategy is the single most important thing you can do. Who and where are your customers? How do you measure Social Media and what does success look like? Your strategy brings all of this together.

Social Media Plan

Social Media must be consistent, frequent and in the right place. Without a smart tactical plan you will just be adding to the noise. People, time management and guidelines are crucial. It’s time to turn strategy into tactics.

Social Media Management

When I worked with Hootsuite I understood the importance of managing Social Media. However there is no reason to automate Social Media without careful thought. People want to interact with people.

Social Media Advertising

The days of using Social Media without paying are long gone. However the unique nature of Social Media gives you opportunities to advertise like never before. A fine balance between hyper-targeting and great content is needed to be successful.